The Condeferacy of Lebennin is a vassal faction of Gondor located in the eastern part of Lebennin.

The Confederacy owns a specific amount of terrain inside the Province of Lebennin. the Province itself belongs to Gondor except for the following territories.

Owned Land and Cities

According to a treaty agreed between the representatives of Gondor and the Confederacy, 'The Confederacy’s land consist in 3 cities as well as the amount of 400 blocks away from the claim limit. In addition, the cities can get expanded as long as the size is not excessive, if that is the case, a solution would be negociatedwhich means that the Confederacy's territories comprise moreless the area shown in the image.

The faction is formed by 3 city-states; each one has an administrator who is a member of the High Council of the Confederacy, which votes and discusses the most important matters of the faction; the cities are listed below:


''The city where all began, the throneless capital, the old forgotten tower of Itharim now rises glorious and shiny up to the skies'' -Unknown book stored at Luna's City library

Itharim is the current capital of the Confederacy. It's the oldest city and holds most of the population inside the independent lands. The city is located by the road between Minas Tirith and Pelargir, which gave it the opportunity to become the commercial center of the faction. The city was once abandoned during the war against Gondor, but it got repopulated soon after the Conflict ended.

Itharim is currently administrated by Zeradash; It holds the embassies and controls the faction trades, specially Wine, Athelas, Diamonds and various minerals. The city is under constant expansion and change, which allows it to increase its population and beauty over time.


''When the Sun rises, the entire land breathes in peace, the waters calm and the people stays in silent, looking at the Fortress. For that is the beauty of Dawnport itself'' -Wandering Merchant

Dawnport is the main Harbor of the Confederacy, It is an under construction City located at the bank of the Anduin, east of Itharim.

Dawnport is being administrated by Bublica; This city holds a substancial amount of resources and its most iconic elements are the Fortress of Dawn and the Lebennian war fleet.

Luna's City/ The city of Towers

''The time of the sword and axe has come. We seek peace, but we will fight to the very end in order to defend justice and freedom. Lhur Lebennin! Lhur Luna!'' -Zeradash, during the Conflict against Gondor

Luna's City, also known as the City of Towers, was originally created as a massive underground fortress at the White Mountains. The builders discovered that the fortress occupied the southern part of a mountain rage that surrounded a valley, so they started expanding it. The current size of the place make it be considered as a city; however, the city itself (located at the valley) is yet to be built, and most of the constructions right now are fortresses and bastions. The current size of the city as well as its own beauty (even during the first stages of construction) make it the future capital of the Confederacy. Nowadays, the city holds the most importan mineral, salt, precious stones and mithril storages; However some of them were moved from different settlements.

The place is ruled by Zeradash, who is also the main builder and designer of the entire project. The Great Lebennian Library is located here, as well as the main bases of the Omega Army, the Lunar Mountain and the storages of most of the valuable, useful and expensive resources and items.

The city has its own flag and regilion, but they wont be made public until the city itself is finished.

Minor Settlements

  • Imphleth: A small island located at the Bay of Belfalas; this city controlled the faction's salt production until it was discovered in other territories. Due to its small size, the island and the group of villages located there are ruled by the capital's administrator unless it grows in importance.
  • The Northern Bastion: A secret fortress Located in the Forodwaith Mountains. It was a productive mine of precious stones; however, this resource has been found in different locations such as the City of Towers, so the Bastion has fallen into decadence.
  • The Eastern Guard: A small white fortress built in Mordor, by the road between Minas Morgul and Barad-Dûr, meant as an agression to Mordor and an outpost in case of invasion. Few soldiers inhabit that place for obvious reasons.

Recruitment and Members

Every city is free to ask for a certain amount of requirements in order to become a citizen, but all of them must respect two basic rules agreed by the Council:

  • The new member must know and respect the rules of the server
  • The new member must cooperate, offer a helping hand and avoid actions which affect other members or the faction negatively.

To become a citizen the recruit must ask the appropriate administrator, after being accepted at the city, that player becomes an official member of the faction and is automatically welcomed in any city or location owned by the Confederacy. The faction does not allow dual citizenship with any faction.

Ranks and groups 

The faction has currently 5 different ranks:

  • Member: the requirements to enter are shown above.
  • Knight/Defender: Both of them are ranks of the Omega Army, a voluntary group whose players swear to defend the well being of the Confederacy. These players lose some freedom and are forced to obey the administrator's orders (fighting during wartime and working during peacetime). The defender swears to protect the lands of Lebennin, which would force him to enter the war in case of invasion, while the Knight is in charge of defensive and offensive matters at the same time. It's the first step in order to become an administrator.
  • Administrator: Ruler of a city, the administrator is in charge of the recluitment, building, expanding and all the matters that affect a city. However, the administrator is not allowed to impose any order to a member (unless he is a member of the army at his service), otherwhise he could be removed from his rank and even the faction. To become an administrator a player must have proven an extreme loyalty and availability in case of any emergency.
  • Ambassador: This rank is available for one member of the closest factions to the Confederacy, the player with this rank is a fully recognised member of the faction and lives at the respective embassy at the capital.
  • Gondorian Ambassador: Exceptional rank chosen by Gondor. It follows the same description as the previous rank with the exception of having 1 vote in the High Council of the Confederacy.

We can also distinguish two main groups related with internal decisions:

  • The High Council:  A group formed by every administrator as well as a representative from Gondor ; they decide matters like war, trade, relations with other factions and strategies. Every vote counts the same, even if an administrator rules two cities because of any circumstancy.
  • The Assembly: A group formed by every member of the faction, they decide all matters and vote for any action that could affect the cities or members of the community; if the cities grow too much, the assembly will be divided accordingly.

Military ranks:

The military ranks were designed in the Omega Army for a better coordination of the different war matters. The decisions taken by the high ranks are independent from the High Council, however, the Council is responsible of allowing the intervention of the Omega Army. The Different ranks are listed below.

  • Lunar Commander: The main leader of the army, coordinator of every action taken during a war and responsible of them. In case of war he is free to give war-related orders, but he must report every decision to the Council periodically, even if the commander is a member of it. The current commander is Zeradash.
  • Son of the Thunder (second general): This rank is given to the second in charge of this army, he advices the commander and has as much power as his chief while giving orders. The current second general is Zurisadai and operates outside of the game because of some problems, his advice is as important as Zeradash's
  • Soldier: Every Defender or Knight is considered a soldier inside the Army; if they receive orders in war time, they must be obeyed unless it results impossible because of real life circumstances.
  • Agent: This ranks is absolutely private, it's members are only known by the Lunar Commander and they are the official spies of the faction. They dont appear as members anywhere and apparently have no connection with Lebennin. They are mostly used for intel. or infiltration, although few members have this rank


This is a list of all the public members of the Confederacy:

  • Zeradash: Founder and Administrator of Itharim and the City of Towers. Lunar Commander
  • Zurisadai: Founder and Son of the Thunder
  • Bublica: Administrator of Dawnport. Defender and citizen of the entire Confederacy
  • B_LastDragon: Citizen of Itharim and Luna's City
  • Tarixxiv: Citizen of Itharim
  • Ninja_Mickey: Citizen of Itharim
  • Roanske300: Citizen of Itharim
  • Voetball: Citizen of Dawnport
  • Beaniemaster2004: Citizen of Luna's City
  • Andsnow11: Knight of Dawnport and Itharim


The confederacy follows basic rules that are easy to obey and shouldnt give problems:

As a member of the confederacy, you must help other members if they ask and really need it, you must also be respectful with everybody .

As the cities have public storages, you are free to give or take whatever you want, however, if the item is valuable or there's a high amount of stuff, you must warn with a signpost and replace in a short period of time, otherwise it will be considered a theft and reported. It is completely forbidden to take items from a player's house without permission.


This faction has complete freedom in diplomacy as long as it doesnt declare war or hostile state with any gondorian ally. The rules of the Confederacy themselves also forbid any hostilities against the Free Peoples. Note that the following list shows the attitude of the Confederacy towards other factions, it may not be mutual. Non mentioned factions are inmediately considered neutral, they may not be listed because of a lack of communication between the factions.

Friendly Factions:

  • Gondor
  • The Shire
  • Rohan
  • Dale
  • Arnor
  • Lothlórien
  • Every Dwarven kingdom
  • Avari
  • Tauredain
  • Dorwinion

Neutral Factions:

  • Wood Elves
  • High Elves
  • Near Harad
  • Moredain
  • Umbar

Hostile Factions:

(Kill on sight in case of entering the territory)

  • Mordor
  • Dol Guldur
  • Rhúdel
  • Angmar

The Black List:

This list shows all the players who caused serious damage to the Confederacy. No matter the current state of the player, he will be always remembered for his/her crimes. The list is the following one:

  • BakerBaker123, former member, guilty of multiple thefts to the members and the city of Itharim. Permabanned
  • TeunLinderhofYT, Kicked from the faction for multiple thefts inside the public buildings and private houses, he was banned temporarely so he has a debt with the city of Itharim that has to be payed, until that, every player that kills him will be rewarded by Zeradash with 500 coins (take a screenshot to have proof of it).



The Confederacy was founded basically by a group of refugees who were searching for a new life after the fall and the beggining of the reconstruction of Pelargir. A big group of this refugees followed the road north until they started being ravaged by orc batallions; the refugees decided to stay inside of an old forgotten tower and defend themselves there.

Some time passed and that people started building a city around that keep, which was called Itharim. The invasions went on so a group of citizens decided to march east in search of building a safe settlement by the river, which was called Dawnport because the arrival took place while the Sun rose and was beign reflected on the waters of the Anduin. The cities grew and a new feeling started growing, mainly because of the lack of help that was received by Gondor; after some time, two humans who seemed to come from far away lands, Zeradash and Zurisadai, began the preparations to create a new group of states from this cities, independent of Gondor.

At first, negotiations took place with Gondor, but after some time and the reject of the Gondorian Lords, the recently coronated king Tarixxiv ordered raids and assaults against Itharim, and so the Conflict began. As the gondorians had more power and the cities were under construction, Zeradash stopped any Dawnport project and ordered the evacuation of Itharim to the White mountains, where Luna's City was being buildt as a secret fortress by then.

After some weeks of only psycological aggresion, Gondor and the Confederacy signed a treaty that declared it an official faction and stopped every Gondorian agression (as well as the allies' who supported them and inquired the Confederacy). Soon after the war, Zurisadai dissapeared and some rumors were spread about betrayal and worse crimes against the Free Peoples.

Since then, the projects were resumed and the Confederacy growed in people, up to a point that some citizens from Dawnport decided to sail from its harbor to The Sea in order to find new lands and colonize them, far away from the Gondorian territory and troubles. However, the colony fell into decadence and now its villages and castle show the shade of the former project that was once planned. That destiny was shared with the Northern Bastion, which was almost abandoned after the mines became less profitable and important sources of gems were found in the City of Towers.

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