The Dalish Mafia

The Dalish Mafia was a criminal organisation operating in the city of Dale as well as other cities. It was lead by ---------- and committed several crimes against the government.

Crimes to the people of Dale

The Dalish Mafia was wanted for:

Drug trafficking

arms trafficking,

drug use,

resisting arrest,


attempted murder

high treason.

Known Members

---------- Leader of the Mafia (censored) (Convicted)

FishFinger (Convicted)

clawstar3000 (Convicted)

MysteryFTW (Still at large)

summersharry (Convicted)

MINISLINKY (Convicted)

End of the Mafia

The Dalish Mafia was disbanded when a raid conducted by DELOT destroyed a hideout under a lake in Dale. The 2 Mafia members were arrested and a pipeweed farm flooded along with the rest of the hide out.

The leader disbanded it though other groups splintered off such as clawstar3000's drug trafficking operation, which sold game enhancing drugs. That group was crushed by DELOT when they searched the sewers for claw and consequencally executed him.

Another group is still at large, led by mysteryftw as they mug Dalish soldiers to gain illegal drugs which were confisicated from other groups.

Currently the Mafia is gone but crime is still a problem for Dalish citizens.

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