The Vikings from the Far east of middle-earth Came when their King betrayed them destroying their houses, their Warlord, Caheer thought that the lands of taiga would be a good settlement, it is mostly frozen lakes, so the Eastern Vikings had found sanctuary, until King Caheer died, his son Norden claimed the throne, years later King norden was killed by an assasin, and His young lad Caheer II was Made king,

Later in the line Caheer died, (by an unknown cause) and his cousin Habehrd became the king, years later Habehrd left to the wilderland and never came back, so Boro became king.

The History of the Eastern Folk Continued when the half trolls lost the second king, Boro II (Half_Troll_King)

The king fled to the Taiga (North of the iron hills) and started building civilization for his only loyal allies, the inhabitans of his former city, he started by building In a Lake, Slowly his race Built there sanctuary Ayhem muril, He then thought that his race were more of a tribe of Vikings, then (living near to the iron hills) he declared the iron hills allies, forever hoping to reclaim the lands he was sent from, King boro Captured Pertorogwaith and became the Lord of the half-trolls again until he was slain in battle.

King boro II declared peace with all factions until provoked

The members will only kill if paid


The viking tribe of The eastern folk have a king, mayor, baron, and Heir

King, Position currently held by Fundin_the_king

Mayor, position currently vacant

Baron, position currently Vacant

Heir, position currently vacant

Ayhem muril

Ayhem muril


Ayhem muril, city of the eastern folk




Viking king
This section is for Photos of Former Kings

king Boro I, Fith king of The eastern Vikings

King Habehrd, father of Boro I and leader of the millitary base of The eastern men.
King Boro IV


To join you have to Swear an oath to King Fundin_the_king who then will accept you,

The title is "Mercenary" In yellow

When joined you have rights to build at Ayhem muril

History of Kings

  • King Caheer I
  • King Norden
  • King Caheer II
  • King Habehrd
  • King Boro I
  • King Boro II (Half_troll_king)
  • King Fundin_the_king

This is a WIP section.


The know lands of The eastern folk are Taiga and have been known to enter Tundra, there Main hall is located in Taiga, other cities are yet to be confirmed.

Pertorogwaith - Captured:True - Capture progress:100%

Taiga - Captured:False - Capture progress:0%
Torog lake

Gates of torog lake

Tundra - Captured:False - Capture progress:1%

Pertorogwaith was under attack from HTK (Half_tro ll_king) and is under no protection, the Bridge between the Torog river and Pertorogwaith is Captured.


The Eastern folk have weird rules when it comes to war, they only accept if there kings position is under attack, if A Gmith warrior came to the gates they wouldn't attack unless they felt like it would be a big problem.

1.Only fac gear

2.No allies

3.Battle must take place at the Torog river

4.No enchants

5.No refunds