Sicilon of Greenwood

Celleborn as he was during his tenure as the Elvenlord.

The Elvenlord of Lórien is a prestigious position, being the leader of all the Galadhrim. It is not taken lightly, and only a select few Elves have been gifted with this great honour of leading their faction in peace and war.

Celleborn - The first of the Elvenlords, his great skills in diplomacy and building ensured the faction's survival, by creating alliances with the High-elves and beginning Caras Galadhon. He passed on the mantle of his office to TomBombadil66017(Galadriell).

Galadriell - The second Elvenlord, his work picked up what Celleborn had created and ran with it, creating friendly relations with what would become the Kingdom of the Isles. He was a great leader, fearless in battle and a excellent ambassador. He passed on the crown and sceptre(both are metaphorical) to his Steward and former general, Cookminers.


Galadriell as he was when he defended Lorien.

Cookminers - The third Elvenlord to sit upon the great Silverwood Throne, he is less diplomatic and more tactical, though he cemented a alliance with the Herenyar and the Vinyondolindrim. His forays into the dark depths of Mirkwood Corrupted and Dol Guldur often leave him in a struggle to get home in one piece, but his skill with bow and blade always ensures his survival.

Cookminers, Steward of Lórien

Cookminers, as he is now.