The First Northern War was among the first of the great struggles of the server and is seldom remembered, for it came at a time when many of the most ancient players on the server were new and the world was not yet fully wrought.

Factions Involved

  • The Forces of Evil
    • Gundabad (Led by Bubbaret)
    • Angmar (Led by King_Tulkas)
  • The Forces of Good
    • High Elves (Led by coolseb1000/Glaedir/MG)
    • Blue Dwarves (Led by SquatchThunder)
    • Ranger of the North (Led by Hells_Meticullus)

Goals of the War

The Forces of Evil: To defend Gundabad and Angmar territory, specifically Mt. Gundabad.

The Forces of Good: To destroy the orc hordes of the north and restore peace to the west.

Notable Battles

  • 1st Battle of Fornost (Good prevails and holds Fornost)
  • Battle of the High Pass (Stalemate, both sides take heavy losses)
  • Battle of Mt. Gundabad (Good scores victory and takes Mt. Gundabad)

Legacy of the War

  • Gundabad is temporarily destroyed and the Bubbaret dynasty ends.
  • Unbeknownst to most, SirWilsonGS gains control of the faction, leading to great calamities for the supposedly victorious factions.
  • Mt. Gundabad comes under the control of the Blue Dwarves. iwellner45 becomes the lord of the newly founded Durin's city.
  • Angmar retains control of its territory, but never manages to establish itself as a viable threat to the free peoples for ages.
  • Without a notable Gundabad presencein the Misty Mountains, many Dwarven settlements are founded, most notably the western part of Khazad-dûm.