The Golden Realm
General Information
Government type Realm
Current Ruler(s) GandalfManyColor (Lord Gandalf)
Emblem N/A
Flag No specific banner
Claimed Lands 1000 block radius in Wilderland
Map of Lands None
Capital The Golden City
Allies Woodland Realm, Gondor
Population 11 Active, 5 currently inactive
Used NPCs None

The Lore

GandalfManyColor was on his journey to Harad to search for the two blue wizards, who were last seen there. Although, on his way through Wilderland he found a barren wasteland near a river. This barren wasteland contained many bushes and some strange pillars sticking out of the ground. He marked the location in his mind, but before he were to travel further, his curiousity was to big. He sensed something great beneath the earth. He knew a certain dwarf who lived nearby, and so he searched for him. Once he found the dwarf, he asked him if he could dig something out for him.

GandalfManyColor brought the dwarf to the ruins he discovered, and they both began to dig. The pillars seemed endlessly long, but how deeper they digged, the bigger they would get. At some point, these ancient pillars broke for a part, and they decided to remove the fallen parts. They soon continued digging, untill they stumbled upon a hard layer of stone. Even the dwarf's pickaxe could break it. And so, they started digging around it, and soon stumbled across some sort of door.

GandalfManyColor tried to open the door, without much succes. After some days, he found the right password and the door opened. There they found an underground city, rich with gold and silver and seemingly endless ammounts of riches. The name on the hallway leading to this city was written in Dwarvish. The dwarf, named Thorgrim, spoke out loud: 'The Golden City..'

GandalfManyColor thought this city should have remained a secret, but could not undo the finding of it, and so it was that GandalfManyColor decided to build a castle around it. The building of the castle began soon, and Thorgrim moved in with GandalfManyColor to help him build. Although, the building did not stay unnoticed.

In order to keep The Golden City a secret, he decided to build a city around the castle. This city would also be called 'The Golden City', so people wouldnt grow curious why a castle would be named 'The Golden City'. GandalfManyColor even started a community, a faction; The Golden Realm. Since people already noticed the building, the faction grew in number.

Although GandalfManyColor started out to soon be on his way to Harad again, he saw that the town and its folk needed its leadership, and so he stayed among then, leading as their lord. He would soon continue his quest to Harad, but knew he could be gone to long. The city needed its attention. To make this city and its people great, he started to look for ways he could help others. He started a great trading commision, in which they would help the entirety of middle-earth with trading, and securing every trade so there wouldnt be any struggles along the way. He made Rubius_corpus the headmaster of the trading commision and the harbor.

Also GandalfManyColor decided to make the city a place travelers and new people could safely come to. There would be peace in this city. He wanted to secure the peace in middle-earth, and this was the first step towards this. He started making renteble houses, shops and taverns for everybody. The city would soon be filled with merry places and a lot of fun and love.

And besides that, GandalfManyColor and nicodeadoralive decided the start the fellowship of the conker, with as headquaters The Golden Tower itselfs. This fellowship was for dank memes, for fun, and would share its conkers all over middle-earth.

But besides GandalfManyColor and Thorgrim, nobody ever set eye upon the real Golden City. This city would remain a secret for many years, or not..


The Golden City is located South-East of Old Rhovanion. It is located behind a forest, build around a river. It is in the scrubland of wilderland.



GandalfManyColor (KING) 

Rubius_corpus (Inactive) (Off banners) 


Katjekat (Second command)

Fosgrim (Engineer)

Mikalting (Inactive) (Off banners) 

benji_56 (Inactive) (Off banners) 



Eragon020 (Inactive) (Off banners) 


Cartooncasper (Inactive) (Off banners) 




Malliath (Inactive) (Off banners) 


Server History

GandalfManyColor has walked these lands for a long time, under different names. Even though most faction members are new to the server, they are dedicated to it.

The Golden Realm was founded on 3 October 2016, with the entry of the 3th member.

The Golden City itself was founded on 10 October 2016, due to removing the old city. Since 10 October, we settled in Wilderland and so the building began.

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