The Great Library is a TOTALLY not ambitious project by BotSO for a massive library to be built, that would be neutral ground for all factions.


It would provide services such as:

  • Allow any player to travel to it, and check out and read any book from it, inside the building, free-of-charge.
  • Allow any player to check out a book, and take it with them, for a small fee, depending on the importance of the book, and the time away.
  • Find and write books. Donations are acceptable.
  • Have a space for sitting, which, since the library would be neutral, would allow members of all factions to socialize, and cast away and feuds for awhile.
  • A few librarians will be hired to work with chief librarian BotSO, and will be payed with the wages from people who take out books.


It will be near Arnor. Although when librarians are there, they will be neutral, they are free to be in any faction outside of it.

Helps and Donations

This build is still just an idea though, and much planning is left.

If you are interested in helping build, comment on here.