The Mordoran Dominion
Eye of Sauron Graphic
General Information
Government type Totalitarian autocracy
Current Ruler(s) His Grace Faylynn I, Lord of the Mordoran Dominion
Emblem Eye of Sauron
Flag Mordor Banner
Mordor Banner
Claimed Lands See the "Dominion Territory" section of this wiki page further down
Map of Lands
Map 1
Capital Barad-Dûr
Allies See the "Diplomacy" section of this wiki page further down
Population 32
Used NPCs All Mordor NPCs
In order to ensure the security and continuing stability, 'Mordor' will be reorganized into the first 'Mordoran Dominion', for a safe and secure society!

–His Grace Canacx I, First Lord of the Mordoran Dominion


The emblem of the Mordoran Dominion

The Mordoran Dominion has risen out of the ashes of the failures of the previous government which took the name "Mordor". The Dominion seeks to establish a new power in the Dark Lands and beyond which will last until the twilight years of the server.

The Dominion grows daily, the Dark Lord's fortresses are being rebuilt, and to his call the Nazgûl rally the Legions of the Dominion. While Gondor and her allies still laugh at the central power of evil, their enemy's strength grows exponentially, as the White Council slips further into decline.

The History of the Dominion

The Mordoran Dominion began with the re-emergence of the old "Mordor" faction. Mordor has risen and fallen many times in the past but always with the same name, same system, and same philosophy. The Dominion marked a change in that pattern, re-naming the faction and creating a new system/philosophy that will last until the twilight days of the server.

The Rise and Fall of Canacx I

Begining in Janurary of 2017, Canacx I rose Mordor out of its latest era of inactivity and founded a new government known as the Mordoran Dominion. Since then, Canacx I has abdicated the throne (May 2017) and a tomb has been built in the capital to commemorate the founder of the Dominion.

His Grace Canacx I set the Dominion on a path of progress, growth, and expansion. These values still make up the core of the Dominion philosophy to this day, solidifying the faction's position as a world power.

The Selection of Faylynn I to be Sauron

After the abdication of Canacx I, the Mouth of Sauron at the time was left to chose a new Sauron. This was a difficult task to undertake as every member at the time underwent extensive background checks to discover the best candidate. After many considerations the Mouth of Sauron at the time chose the Nazgûl Faylynn to succeed Canacx I, making him Faylynn I. Since the ascension of Faylynn I to the throne, the Dominion has seen steady growth in both members and wealth, under his leadership the Dominion has survived rebellions and external pressures, each time emerging stronger than before. The most important thing that his Grace Faylynn I has done is what Canacx I first set out to do, create order. Canacx I created the government that would last 1000 years and Faylynn I has continued by example to ensure order in the Dominion, allowing stability to spread through all the corners of Dominion territory.

The Rebellion of SeanALewis

Beginning in September of 2017, a rebellion was declared by SeanALewis shortly after his banishment from the Dominion. This rebellion lasted many weeks until his Grace Faylynn I reached out to talk with SeanALewis about the situation. After much discussion and negotiations it was agreed that the rebellion would be put to an end and those who rebelled would be welcomed back into the Dominion. In addition, certain laws were to be changed as SeanALewis viewed them as unbalanced or unfair. Thanks to the combined efforts of SeanALewis and his Grace Faylynn I, order once again returned to the Mordoran Dominion.

The result of these negotiations was the unification of the Mordor territories for the first time in over a year, strengthening the cause of the Mordoran Dominion against all who would oppose it.

Members of the Dominion

Dominion Members Table
Sauron Faylynn
Mouth of Sauron Aggandaur (heir)
Witch King okurskull
Small Council
- Master of Coin canacx
- Master of Recruitment N/A
- Master of Construction N/A
- Master of Whispers N/A
- Viceroys N/A
Nazgûl (other than the Witch King) SeanALewis
Sergeants the_lego_boy,
Soldiers AdarxGr,



























Legions are chunks of the Dominion military each commanded by a Nazgûl who in turns gets their orders from the Witch King, Sauron, or the Mouth if he is acting regent during wartime. (See details under each of the rank descriptions.)

Each Legion is comprised of 1 Nazgûl who commands 2 Sergeants who both command 3 soldiers each.

The First Legion

Nazgûl Sergeants Soldiers
the_lego_boy Azalog
N/A Altertron


The Second Legion


Sergeants Soldiers
N/A rumblesam
N/A 9842Kye


The Third Legion


Sergeants Soldiers


The Fourth Legion


Sergeants Soldiers


The Fifth Legion


Sergeants Soldiers


The Sixth Legion


Sergeants Soldiers


The Seventh Legion


Sergeants Soldiers


The Eighth Legion


Sergeants Soldiers

Dominion Territory

The territories of the Dominion can be read about in length below, or one may simply look upon the map of the Dominion territories in Arda.

Map 1

Dominion territory map. All that is highlighted red is considered Mordoran Dominion land. (Updated as of 7/12/17)

Each regional territory listed below is broken down further as deemed appropriate.

Mordor Region Dominion Territory

NOTE: The "Mordor region" is comprised of what most people talk about when referring to the geographical region of Mordor. The Dominion's definition of what the Mordor region is includes the following biomes: 'Udûn', 'Mordor Mountains', 'Mordor', 'Gorgoroth', 'Morgul Vale', 'Núrn', 'Núrn Marshes', 'Nan Ungol', 'Eastern Desolation', 'Sea of Núrnen', 'Dead Marshes', and 'Dagorland'.

The Mordor region will be broken down into smaller sections below for the sake of simplicity.

General Mordor Territories

Barad-dûr (Gorgoroth) (capital)

Barad-dûr is the capital of the Mordoran Dominion. It currently features three sets of battlemented walls with defensive piers and watchtowers, and a number of interior sections between. The city is divided into two sections, the lower half being used for garrisoning armies and war supplies and the top half being used as the political heart of the Dominion.

Much more is planned such as the expansion of the city outside the walls of the fortress.

The Morgul Throne

2017-08-13 12.46.17

The Morgul Throne

The Morgul throne is the seat of power of every Dominion ruler. It is a symbol, and has been designed to intimidate any who stand before it. It is upon this throne that Sauron hears disputes and solves the minor problems of the realm.

The Morgul Throne sits in the throne room of Barad-dûr, the capital of the Mordoran Dominion.

Durthang (Mordor)

The fortress of Durthang sits at the end of a valley in the northwestern mountains of Mordor. The fortress is only accessible through a large bridge which extends from a cliff all the way to the fortress gates.

Durthang is divided into several layers with large towers in each level allowing archers to rain arrows down on any approaching army.

NOTE: Durthang is located directly south of the mod waypoint for "Durthang". It is located in the valley between the Mordor Mountains.

Durthang is currently under construction.

Eastern Guard (Eastern Desolation)

The fortress of Eastern Guard protects the Dominion from threats in the east. The design is similar to that of Minas Morgul, making it easily defendable against attackers. Due to the current times of peace between the Dominion and its eastern neighbors, the fortress’ main purpose is to defend against bandits and to intimidate those who travel in the east.

NOTE: Eastern Guard is located directly west of the mod waypoint for "Eastern Guard". It is located on the edge of the Mordor Mountains.

Minas Morgul (Morgul Vale)

The fortress of Minas Morgul sits in a small valley in the western mountains of Mordor, overlooking the strip of land which leads to Minas Tirith.

Historically this has been the home of the Witch King and the Nazgûl, acting as their personal foothold to be used against the enemies of Mordor. Since the fall of Mordor and the rise of the Dominion its purpose has changed a great deal. No longer is it the personal fortress of the Nazgûl where they may give commands as they please. Now Minas Morgul is merely a fortress used to garrison soldiers and weapons. One might find remnants of the old Minas Morgul in the form of great statues depicting the Nazgûl, or a small throne room where the Witch King used to sit, but such parts of the fortress have been left in ruin, forever reminding those who look upon them that they are relics of a past and that a new power has risen.

Due to the fact that fortresses like Minas Morgul do not have lavish living spaces like cities such as Barad-dûr or Thaurband, most of the beds within Minas Morgul are in the style of barracks or very small quarters.

The construction of Minas Morgul will begin after Durthang is complete.

Cirith Ungol (Mordor Mountains)

The fortress of Cirith Ungol sits in the western mountains of the Mordor region, not too far north of Minas Morgul. Cirith Ungol may not be as grand as the other Dominion fortresses such as Minas Morgul or Durthang, but it is capable of defending well against attackers.

Cirith Ungol contains several temporary holding cells and a couple torture chambers which are used unless the prisoner proves to be especially defiant in which case they are sent to Thaurband.

Cirith Ungol also has a sprawling mineshaft system below it, supplying the Dominion with the rarest metals and materials from the bowels of Mordor.

Morigost (Mordor Mountains)

The fortress of Morigost is built off of the Mordor Mountains and is very difficult to siege. Its thin winding corridors are difficult to memorize and traverse, causing enemy forces to easily get lost in the fortress.

Morigost features a small brawling arena for people to test their strength in as well as a small viewing area above the arena for spectators to look down from. The fortress also contains corridors leading deep into the Mordor mountains.

The Black Gate (Dagorland)

The Black Gate is one of the most recognizable fortresses due to it being one large gate. This fortress protects one of the only ways of entering Mordor, forcing any incoming armies to assault the gate before making their way to other targets in Mordor.

The Black Gate is very imposing with two large towers on either side of it so that archers may rain arrows on armies who dare to challenge the might of the Mordoran Dominion.

Carach Angren (Mordor)

Carach Angren has its own mine shaft system below it as well as underground farms to supply it with its own food. It features a large tower with wooden walkways leading to forges and other private quarters including twisting tunnels that can quickly confuse those who don't know their way around the fortress.

One would need to understand the layout of Carach Angren before they decide to siege it.

Nargroth (Mordor Mountains)

Nargroth is a small fortress in the Mordor Mountains overlooking the plains of Gorgoroth. It serves largely as a storage forgress to hold the extensive goods of the Mordoran Dominion.

Nargroth will be rebuilt at a later time.

Amon Angren (Mordor)

Amon Angren is a medium-sized fortress bordering the mountains in central Mordor. It contains lava-falls and a small market/stable.

NOTE: Amon Angren is located directly north of the mod waypoint for “Amon Angren”. It is located on the edge of the ’Mordor Mountains‘ biome.

Vale of the Fell Beasts (Mordor)

The Vale of the Fell Beasts is a small fortress used to house the Fell Beasts of the Mordoran Dominion. It is primarily deadly due to its large amount of aireal protection.

Construction on the ’Vale of the Fell Beasts’ will begin shortly.

Núrn Territories

Thaurband (Núrn)

The fortress-city of Thaurband is the heart of Núrn, whoever controls Thaurband controls the rest of Núrn.

Thaurband is also a port city, supplying the people of the Dominion with ample amounts of fish for food. Being in Núrn, Thaurband is also a major supplier of slaves, food, beasts, and other supplies which can be found throughout Núrn. Slaves till the soil around Thaurband and supply food for the Dominion.

Thaurband is also well known for its extensive prisons and torture techniques. No prisons ever built can compare to those of Thaurband. Years of physically and psychologically bending the will of slaves have made the prisons among the largest and most effective in the Dominion, the years of torture have also given the jailers of Thaurband much experience in the art of breaking ones soul and will. Woe to he that is captured by the Dominion as they will surely become slaves to it, experiencing many years of torture deep within the walls of Thaurband.

NOTE: Thaurband is located directly east of the mod waypoint for "Thaurband". It is located on the coast of the Sea of Núrn.

Thaurband is currently under construction.

Dead Marshes Territories

The 'Dead Marshes' biome does not have any waypoints in it so it can not be claimed in the traditional sense, but due to its proximity to other Dominion territories, it is claimed by the Dominion.

Gondor Region Dominion Territory

NOTE: The "Gondor region" is comprised of what most people talk about when referring to the geographical region of Gondor. The Dominion's definition of what the Gondor region is includes the following biomes: 'Gondor', 'Pinnath Gelin', 'Blackroot Vale', 'Dor-en-Ernil', 'Dor-en-Ernil Hills', 'Lamedon', 'Lamedon Hills', 'Lossarnach', 'Lebennin', 'Mouths of Anduin', 'Pelargir', 'Ithilien', 'Ithilien Hills', 'Ithilien Wasteland', 'Pelennor Fields', 'Gondor Woodlands', 'Nindalf', and 'Mouths of Entwash'.

The Gondor region will be broken down into smaller sections below for the sake of simplicity.

General Gondor Territories

(Nothing to put here at this time).

Lebennin Territories

Ethir Anduin (Mouths of Anduin)

Unlike other Dominion builds, Ethir Anduin is not a fortress, but rather more of a casual lounging area with its selection of imported wines from the Dominion capital.

This build is the perfect place to host parties out of the big city areas where a lot of people can enjoy themselves beneath the shade of the lush Gondorian swampland foliage.

Ethir Anduin is currently under construction.

Ithilien Territories

North Ithilien (Ithilien Wasteland)

North Ithilien serves as a buffer between the Mordor region and the Gondor region. It also serves as a defensive fortress for the Black Gate, protecting the fields of Northern Ithilien from foreign aggressors.

Crossroads of the Fallen King (Ithilien)

This crossroads is a path in Ithilien that leads one to North Ithilien, Osgiliath, and Minas Morgul. It is an important territory to control so that the roads remain secure from outside threats.

Around the crossroads one may find small watchtowers or outposts manned by Dominion units to look over the roads.

Construction on the Crossroads of the Fallen King will begin shortly and will not last long. Not much will be done with it except adding watchtowers, smoothening out the roads, and adding foliage.

Ithilien Hills Biome (Southern Biome)

The southern 'Ithilien Hills' biome does not have any waypoints in it so it can not be claimed in the traditional sense, but due to its proximity to other Dominion territories, it is claimed by the Dominion.

Nindalf Territories

The 'Nindalf' biome does not have any waypoints in it so it can not be claimed in the traditional sense, but due to its proximity to other Dominion territories, it is claimed by the Dominion.

Rhovanion Region Dominion Territory

NOTE: The "Rhovanion region" is comprised of what most people talk about when referring to the geographical region of Rhovanion. The Dominion's definition of what the Rhovanion region is includes the following biomes: 'Brown Lands', 'Wilderland', 'Emyn Winion', 'Dorwinion', 'East Blight', 'Mirkwood', 'Dol Guldur', 'Mirkwood Mountains', 'Northern Mirkwood', 'Woodland Realm', 'Dale', 'Iron Hills', 'Long Marshes', 'Northern Wilderland', 'Erebor', 'Grey Mountains Foothills', 'Grey Mountains', 'Anduin Hills', 'Vales of Anduin', ‘Emyn Muil’, 'Gladden Fields', 'Lothlórien Edge', 'Lothlórien', 'Fields of Celebrant', and 'Misty Mountain Foothills'.

The Rhovanion region will be broken down into smaller sections below for the sake of simplicity.

Southern Rhovanion Territories

North Undeep (Brown Lands)

The northern of two westward bends in the Great River Anduin. The shallow fords of the Undeep are often used by armies as a crossing point.

Construction on North Undeep will begin shortly.

South Undeep (Brown Lands)

The southern of two westward bends in the Great River Anduin. The shallow fords of the Undeep are often used by armies as a crossing point.

Construction on South Undeep will begin shortly.

Rauros (Vales of Anduin)

Rauros is a small fishing village on the lake ‘Nen Hithoel’. It is a rural and disconnected from the large fortresses and cities that appear in the rest of the Dominion’s territory.

NOTE: Rauros is located directly east of the mod waypoint for "Rauros". It is located on the coast of the the lake ‘Nen Hithoel’.

East Rhovanion Gate (Vales of Anduin)

An old fortress at the meeting of the Anduin Vales, the Brown Lands, and eastern Wilderland. It is made of old stone, worn but still strong. This fortress will defend the crossroads of these three regions until the day it collapses.

Amon Lhaw (Emyn Muil)

A twin seat of ancient Gondorian power. Amon Lhaw is a moderate castle situated in the rugged terrain of Emyn Muil.

The construction of Amon Lhaw will begin shortly.

Amon Hen (Emyn Muil)

A twin seat of ancient Gondorian power. Amon Hen used to be a moderate fortress but over the years has deteriorated slightly. It can still hold its own against the rugged backdrop of Emyn Muil.

The construction of Amon Hen will begin shortly.

Dominion Rankings

A brief note on the distinction between "executive" and "administrative" powers within the Dominion:

Administrative power is that which relates directly with the day-to-day operation of the Dominion, this might include promotions (although not demotions), defensive military matters such as dealing with traitors or attacks on the Dominion, solving disputes within the Dominion itself. Basically just overseeing the Dominion.

Executive power is pretty much everything else. He who has executive powers is able to create regulations within the Dominion, promote and demote, wage war, make peace. He who has executive power of the Dominion essentially rules the Dominion, hence why the only person who has both administrative and executive power is Sauron himself.

It can be thought of as if you have administrative powers you keep the Dominion going and stick with the status-quo by following the rules and regulations in place. Whereas if you have executive powers then you have the choice to do whatever you want, you can stick with the status-quo, or you can modify it to your liking.

Despite the fact that Sauron has both administrative and executive powers it is generally expected that Sauron keeps the structure of the Dominion as is. It has been specifically designed to last a long time and fulfill the needs of the Dominion.


The Mordoran Dominion is divided into two intertwined (yet somewhat separate) forms of ranking:

General Dominion Ranks

The following ranks are from highest to lowest.

  • Dark Lord Sauron - Ruler of the Mordoran Dominion.
  • Mouth of Sauron - Second in command and primary adviser to Sauron.
  • Witch King - Third in command and the military head of the Dominion.
  • The Small Council - A Council of elite members (including Sauron, the Mouth, and the Witch King) who run the Dominions day to day operations.
  • Nazgûl - A military rank which commands a group of Sergeants.
  • Sergeants - A military rank which commands a group of Soldiers.
  • Soldiers - The base rank in the Dominion.

The general Dominion ranks are the basic structure of the whole Dominion, it highlights who stands above or below someone else. In some cases ranks have multiple people in them, in which case they hold the same amount of authority and power as their peer. This hierarchy is to be followed under most circumstances, exceptions are explained under the “Dominion Military Ranks” section.

Dominion Military Ranks

The following ranks are from highest to lowest.

  • Sauron
  • Witch King
  • Nazgûl
  • Sergeants
  • Soldiers

The Dominion military ranks are ranks that strictly pertain to the military (especially during wartime). This military hierarchy is enforced at all times in an effort to limit treachery and sabotaging from high ranking members. Even though in the Dominion the Mouth of Sauron holds more power than the Witch King, when it comes to military movement and strategy (such as attacks, garrisoning soldiers, etc.) the Mouth does not have the authority to give the Witch King commands. The same can be said about Council members attempting to do the same thing to Nazgûl, Sergeants, or even Soldiers.

Thanks to this, the Witch King receives orders directly from Sauron (or the Mouth if he/she is acting regent, see details below under the "Mouth of Sauron" rank description).

Separate Ranks from the Dominion Hierarchy

  • Heir
  • Recruit

The Heir is considered to be “separate” because it does not come with any added privileges, power, or authority. It is simply a way to know who will be the next Sauron (more information under the rank description of the Heir).

The Recruit is not officially part of the Mordoran Dominion until they are promoted by the Master of Recruitment to the rank of Soldier.

Individual Rank Descriptions

(This section will be polished up over time)


Sauron is the executive and administrative head of the Dominion, this rank is given to the heir of the previous Sauron as soon as they abdicate the throne or remain inactive for too long (this is detailed under the “Mouth of Sauron” rank description). As the executive and administrative head, he is the infallible leader of the Dominion and all its members, as such he is able to make changes to the Dominion in whatever way he wants (within reason). He can wage war, move armies, strip someone of their ranks, promote others, commission new building projects, etc.

This rank comes with almost no limitations (except those within the Small Council), however the selection process of the heir, which is a prerequisite to being Sauron, depends on the individual's own personality and leanings within the Dominion. So in a sense there are limitations to what kind of person ends up being Sauron.

Sauron is, as leader, responsible for hosting the weekly meetings of the Small Council in the capital, if he does not wish to trouble himself with that at any time then the Mouth may take his place in those meetings and fulfill the same responsibilities that Sauron would have.

Sauron will also often open the throne room within the capital so that his subjects may enter and voice disputes so that Sauron may solve them.

Every person has personal responsibilities which often must take priority over MC LOTR, and it would be too much trouble to have to name a new Sauron every time the current one needs to take a break. Because of this, if Sauron is going to be gone for a long time he can temporarily leave the Dominion under the rule of his Mouth for an extended period of time. Sauron needs to only declare that he is leaving for a specific amount of time, shortly afterwards the Mouth will automatically be made into the acting regent of the Dominion (the duties and limitations of regentship are highlighted under the “Mouth of Sauron” rank description).

It must be noted however that the powers of the Mouth are limited, and thus no true substitute for the power and authority of Sauron. In short, Sauron can not leave the Dominion under the rule of the Mouth for as long as he wants. If he is gone on his break/vacation for over 9 months then the heir will be made into Sauron automatically.

NOTE: There are severe limitations to the power of Sauron as the head of the Dominion, these limitations are mostly related to the Small Council and can be read under the “Small Council” rank description.

The Mouth of Sauron

The Mouth is the primary advisor to Sauron and presumably the most trusted person in the faction. The Mouth will council Sauron on any and every matter. The Mouth also has the authority to commission new building projects on behalf of the Dominion.

The Mouth is also well versed in politics (almost as well as Sauron) and should form friendships with other factions as best he can to ease the process of negotiations (of any kind). He is a diplomat and ambassador of the Dominion who takes orders from no one but Sauron himself. The Mouth of course has his boundaries, as he is incapable of giving military related orders to members of the military itself (see list above) unless he is ruling as the acting regent of the Dominion (see details below), but even then his powers within the military are limited to being strictly administrative, not executive.

It is also the responsibility of the Mouth of Sauron to keep track of Dominion citizens as well as non-Dominion citizens or peoples.

While regent, it is very possible that the Mouth may (due to personal problems) have to leave the server whether it be permanently or temporarily. If this is the case it is up to the Mouth (as regent) to name a new Mouth to replace him. This Mouth will  fulfill the same purpose as the previous one. When Sauron returns it will be up to him to decide whether he wants the previous Mouth to be reinstated or if the current one should continue serving. It is also possible that Sauron never returns and leadership is passed to the heir, who will then deal with what to do about the Mouth.

Rules Concerning the Mouth Becoming Acting Regent:

There are prerequisites which must be met if the Mouth is to rule as the regent of the Dominion. The Mouth will be able to rule as regent if he (1) was given public permission by Sauron to rule as regent for a specific period of time, or (2) if Sauron has been inactive for more than 168 hours (1 week).“Inactive” means that Sauron has not been in contact with the Mouth/the Dominion or has not been online at all for the 168 hours. It is expected that the ruler keeps in contact with members of the Dominion to ensure that at least the administrative needs of the Dominion are met (such as the meetings of the Small Council).

If Sauron has not been in contact with members of the Dominion (or the Dominion itself) for 168 hours, then the Mouth is automatically made the regent, and granted administrative powers. His new authority allows him to keep the Dominion running on a day-to-day basis, but since he is not given executive powers he is unable to make executive decisions such as demotions, naming a new heir, waging war, making peace, forming new regulations or rules, or changing the current system of government. He can however make promotions as those are more of an administrative responsibility.

If the Mouth is made regent due to Sauron being inactive then three months will be counted. If by the end of those three months Sauron has not returned or contacted members of the Dominion or the Dominion itself then the heir will automatically be crowned as Sauron.

The position of regent is automatically taken away from the Mouth as soon as Sauron returns.

While regent, the Mouth will temporarily replace Sauron on the Dominion military ranks hierarchy, meaning that the Witch King will have to get the permission to make promotions etc, from the Mouth, as well as reporting to him on military concerns (especially during wartime). This temporary replacement of Sauron on the hierarchy does not however give him executive powers in the military, like being able to wage war, or move and garrison armies.

It must be highlighted however, that if the Mouth is made the regent while there is a war taking place, then the Mouth will be able to order attacks (on the faction the Dominion is at war with), move armies, garrison soldiers, make peace, etc. Essentially that which would be required to strictly deal with a war. Military powers are immediately taken away if the war ends.

If a war is waged (or an attack made) on the Dominion while the Mouth is serving as regent (while there is not already a war taking place), he is given the permissions highlighted directly above.

It must also be stressed that under no circumstance is the Mouth given permissions to begin wars while he is the regent. Even if he is given the military powers in case of wars/attacks, he is still not permitted to wage war on any other new factions.

The Witch King

The Witch King can be seen as the military head of the Dominion. He is given a great deal of freedom to manage the military, but there are some limitations to what he can do without approval from Sauron (or the Mouth if he is acting Regent).

The Witch King can not make promotions or demotions without running them past Sauron first (or the Mouth if acting regent). He can also not make executive decisions about the faction such as waging war or attempting to make peace, such matters are left to Sauron or the Mouth. He can however organise attacks on his own without the need to run them past Sauron. These attacks can be discussed during the Small Council meetings, they must also coincide with the goal set by Sauron for the war effort. The Witch King can not order an attack just because he feels like it, the attack must work towards the goal that was set by Sauron. Attacks on major landmarks should be run past Sauron first, sieges should also be approved by Sauron before they take place. Raids and such need not be run past Sauron unless the Witch King feels the need to inform his superiors about it.

Despite not being able to make executive decisions about the faction, the Witch King is given ample amounts of freedom within the military itself to make administrative decisions. This means that the Witch King has the freedom to move and garrison the military as he sees fit (so long as it does not go against orders given by Sauron or the Mouth if he is acting Regent).

It is expected that Sauron shares war goals with the Witch King so that he can share his professional military advice with Sauron and suggest a course of action. Having Sauron share war goals with the Witch King will also allow the Witch King to improvise in certain situations where Sauron is not there to grant permissions. This gives him flexibility during wars and attacks and allows him to adapt to changing circumstances.

The Witch King should advise Sauron on the best course of action for attaining the goal set in place, which makes him an essential part of the Mordoran Dominion. The Witch King should not overstep his bounds and attempt to radically change the goal set in place by Sauron. Goals are often political in nature and as such they are left to Sauron and the Mouth to discuss.

Due to the importance of the position of Witch King, and due to the possibility of errors being made which can be near fatal to the Dominion, if any mistake is made while serving as Witch King, then it could potentially result in serious punishment being dealt to the person with that position, which could include them being demoted or even banished from the Dominion due to their incapacity to serve.

It must be stressed that if such near fatal errors are made while the Mouth of Sauron is serving as regent, then he is granted the power to discipline/replace the Witch King.

The Small Council

The Small Council is a group of people who meet weekly in the capital to discuss the current state of the Dominion and its general administrative needs and responsibilities. Each member of the Council fulfills a very specific and very important role within the Dominion which is necessary for the continuation of the whole state. Role descriptions will be given further down.

How Sauron interacts with the Small Council

Sauron and the Small Council have a very unique relationship. Part of Sauron's executive powers have been placed in the hands of the Council to balance out his power and ensure that leaders down the line do not destroy the system that has taken so much time and effort to be introduced.

Sauron is not permitted to demote any member of the Council (including the Mouth and the Witch King) unless a vote has taken place in the Small Council and passed. If there is a situation as specified in the Witch King rank description, then he is allowed to remove the Witch King without the need of a vote. For a vote to be successful, either all of the members must be in agreement with the proposal or all but one of them must be in agreement. Ex: Sauron may wish to take the rank away from a council member, but may only do so with the passing of the vote in the council.

Sauron may remove someone from their position in the Small Council without a vote if they are not able to adequately fulfill the responsibilities of their position, or if they are traitors to the Dominion and are actively working against it. Attempting to remove someone from their Small Council position for any other reason requires a vote.

Promoting people to a vacant existing rank within the council does not require a vote and may be done by Sauron without restrictions. It should be noted that ranks outside of the Council may be stripped from people at any time by Sauron if he sees fit and does not require a vote to do so.

Small Council members are not permitted to ask for a vote to demote another councilmember, only Sauron has the authority to do this, they may however speak to Sauron privately about what they personally think should be done. The Small Council members do have the authority to call for a vote for the demotion of Sauron if he breaks the boundaries of his authority and power. This same vote can be called for the Mouth of Sauron if he is acting regent and oversteps his boundaries. If Sauron is removed from power due to him breaking the rules then the heir becomes Sauron (or the Mouth if there is no heir) and all of the factions bannered builds will pass to the new Sauron. If the Mouth is removed from power due to him breaking the rules (and assuming there is no heir) then the Witch King will ascend to the throne.

During the process of merging with another faction the limitations placed on Sauron regarding striping the ranks of a Council member are removed and he may do so without a vote. Once the outside faction has finished merging into the Dominion, the restrictions to stripping people's ranks is reintroduced.

Sauron may strip a Council member of their ranks if they have committed treason towards the Dominion,  have been inactive, or have been neglecting their duties.

It must be briefly noted that if the Mouth is regent he will not be permitted to do anything highlighted above. He will not be able to propose votes for the Council, he will not be able to remove ranks of Council members, etc. He will only be able to name a new person to the Council if the previous Council member is inactive, neglecting his duties or has committed treason towards the Dominion, or if the position is simply empty..

If Sauron wishes to change the governmental structure* of the Dominion, he requires everyone on the Small Council to be in agreement. Even if there is a single person who votes against it, then the proposal will not pass and he will not be able to implement his changes.

If Sauron at any time attempts to make these changes without the vote of the Council then he is to be considered a tyrant and a traitor to the Dominion. Immediate action must be taken against him to secure the Dominion and ensure the heir ascends to the throne.

*This has to do with creating new ranks, changing the purpose of certain ranks (whatever that rank may be), changing the power structure of the Dominion, adding new powers to ranks, taking away powers from ranks, etc. To simplify, if it changes anything on this Dominion rank description document, then it requires a vote (as this rank description document is the foundation upon which the Dominion stands).

Master of Coin

The Master of Coin is the person who keeps track of the Dominions treasury and money supply, making him one of the three people in the entire Dominion who have access to the treasury. The three people include Sauron, the Mouth of Sauron, and the Master of Coin.

It is expected that the Master of Coin keeps a logbook on how much money is added or taken away from the Dominion treasury. This can be done in-game as well as in a google docs document. If it is done in a google docs document, it is required to be a document inside the already created “Mordoran Dominion Folder” in google docs which contains all of the information concerning the Dominion.

The responsibilities of a Master of Coin do not just include managing the treasury, they also include keeping a constant flow of money and valuables into the treasury through trade, thus the Master of Coin will deal with trade between the factions. He will try to keep current trade deals going steadily as well as trying to negotiate the best trade deals for the Dominion if requested by the Mouth (if acting regent) or by Sauron.

The Master of Coin is responsible for collecting taxes when they are due from every member of the Dominion and keeping a log on who has payed/not payed. How the Master of Coin desires to do this is up to them, but management of taxes is an essential part of the position.

During Small Council Meetings, the Master of Coin will report on the current state of the treasury, noting how much money and valuable items (gold, iron, morgul steel, etc…) there was at the beginning of the week compared to how much there was at the end of the week. Since the process of naming out all of the items could potentially be lengthy, it is possible that the host of the Small Council (Sauron or the Mouth if he is acting regent) will ask for a shortened description where the Master of Coin can simply state if there has been a net positive/negative growth to the wealth of the Dominion. The Master of Coin will also detail to the Council the current status on taxes so that the Council is aware of those who have not payed, and for how long they have not.

He will also describe the current state of all of the Dominion's trade deals, if they are strong or if they are weakening, etc. It is possible that the host of the meeting will want detailed descriptions of certain trade deals which is when the Master of Coin would give a description of the specific trade deal asked about, highlighting how much the Dominion trades of X in return for Y, how long the trade deal has been in place, etc.

Master of Recruitment

The Master of Recruitment is the person who is in charge of recruiting players into the Dominion. He will locate people willing to join and set them on the path.This includes giving them armor, weapons, a morgul crafting table, orc forges, food, and an Uruk-hai pike.

The Master of Recruitment might also take it upon himself to help his recruits get the required 100 Mordor alignment so they can enter the lands of Mordor without getting attacked by the npc’s.

The Master of Recruitment is a social and charismatic person who can speak well with others, gain their trust, and represent the Dominion well.

It is also the responsibility of the Master of Recruitment to house the recruits who have not yet been promoted to the rank of soldier (i.e. who have not joined the Dominion yet). This isn't anything fancy, just a place for them to remain safe from enemy players who might mean them harm.

After the recruits gain 100 alignment with “Mordor”, the Master of Recruitment will have to judge whether said recruit is prepared to join the Dominion. If they are, then they will be promoted to the rank of Soldier by the Master of Recruitment (he does not need permission from superiors to do promotions to soldier). During the process of judging a recruit, the Master of Recruitment may perform background checks on the account of the recruit to make sure they are not a spy.

During Small Council meetings the Master of Recruitment will fill in the Council on how many players have been recruited that week as well as who they are. It is possible that someone may ask about specific recruits at which point the Master of Recruitment would give descriptions of the recruit including if they have a certain aptitude for things such as fighting, leadership, speaking with others, etc. He will also detail what new materials he requires from the Dominion for the next week so he can supply recruits with the gear listed above.

During Small Council meetings the Master of Recruitment will also be given names of players that are not allowed to join or who should be kept an eye on by the Master of Recruitment.

NOTE: The process of recruitment is also the time to introduce the recruits to Discord (specifically the Mordoran Dominion Discord server, but also the Official Mod Server), where they can talk with people and vice versa. Discord is an essential piece of the Dominion to ease communication and build closer bonds with fellow members.

After the recruit has been promoted to “Soldier”, they will be added to the Dominion Discord server and given the rank of Soldier on Discord.

Master of Construction

The Master of Construction deals with the construction of Dominion builds, these might extend from anywhere between something on the scale of Minas Morgul to a medium sized fortress to a small house. Sauron and the Mouth have the authority to commission new builds for the Dominion, and when a new build is commissioned it is expected that the Master of Construction will begin as soon as possible.

In theory, building supplies will be given by the Dominion to the Master of Construction as he needs them (this includes pickaxes). However it is also expected of the Master of Construction to think efficiently as he builds, meaning if he is building a build that requires a lot of Mordor Brick blocks, but there is also a pit he has to dig out for a moat, then he should use the Mordor Rock blocks from the mote pit to make Mordor bricks rather than asking the Dominion for more bricks when he has enough rock to make his own. The same can be said about pickaxes, if he is mining out a pit or basement etc, and finds ore that can be used to make pickaxes (not including gold or other extremely flimsy metals) then it is expected that the Master of Construction will use that ore to make pickaxes for himself rather than asking the Dominion.

Considering that builds are very expensive, it would be in the best interest of the entire Dominion if the Master of Construction could find the required materials on his own and only request more from the Dominion when extremely necessary.

The Master of Construction is the only person to build Dominion builds unless specifically said otherwise, meaning that Sauron (or the Mouth if acting regent) can temporarily appoint another member of the Dominion to build something else while the Master of Construction finishes what he is already building.

It is possible that the Master of Construction might take over the building project of the temporary builder as soon as he finishes what he was busy with, or it is possible that the Master of Construction will be instructed to move on with another build entirely and let the temporary builder continue.

The temporary builders assigned to construct are exactly that - temporary. After they finish constructing what they were assigned to, it is very possible they will be dismissed and they will return to what they were doing before taking the project.

It is likely that the Mordoran Dominion will use a lot of temporary builders at the beginning since there is a lot to build, but over time they will become more and more irrelevant.

During Small Council meetings the Master of Construction will detail the progress of the current building projects as well as the progress of the temporary builders (if there are any to report on). He will also estimate the required materials for the following week for himself and any temporary builders (if there are any). Due to the nature of building in MC it is likely that the Master of Construction will need more materials in the middle of the week which were not foreseen during the Small Council meeting.

Master of Whispers

The Master of Whispers is the spymaster of the Dominion. He creates a web of contacts throughout Arda who can feed him information of any sort. These contacts are not considered members of the Dominion on paper, but unofficially they are indeed considered members of the Dominion and as such gain the same benefits.

The Master of Whispers will undoubtedly develop close relationships with his spies (though in secret) and stay well connected with them, most likely going over new information on a daily basis. Despite the fact that there might be more than one spy in a faction or between factions, the spies will not be familiar with the other spies. They will individually report to the Master of Whispers through Discord (private calls since they wont be added to the Dominion Discord), but they will not know who any other spies are, even if they are posing in the same faction.

Despite the spies being Dominion citizens, no one knows who they are except for the Master of Whispers, the Mouth, and Sauron. The rest of the Small Council is not aware at all of who the identities of the spies are (this is testament to how secret the whole operation is). When it is of concern to the Council then the Master of Whispers will inform them who is a spy in a specific faction. This is only done however when the Master of Whispers or Sauron deems it necessary to, otherwise the identity of his spies remains a secret. (ex. If a battle is going to take place between the Dominion and another faction, it might be in the interest of the Dominion if the Master of Whispers allows Sauron/Mouth/Witch King/Council know who are the spies so they can plan the attack with that in mind).

During Small Council meetings the Master of Whispers will inform the Council about information which might be of interest to the Dominion and might help in the current situation.

The duties of a Master of Whispers may not be as expansive as other councilmembers, but it is arguably ten times harder to pull off. The Master of Whispers will be in charge of finding candidates for becoming spies, these might be people who are already in a faction or they might be people who have no faction and will join one as a spy.

The duty of the Master of Whispers will not have any hand holding, Sauron will not be able to solve problems that arise so it will be up to the Master of Whispers to spin his web well and figure things out mostly on his own when it comes to the structure of his spy network.


Viceroys are regional managers of certain geographical areas in Middle-Earth which belong to the Mordoran Dominion. They settle disputes within their assigned region to the best of their abilities. If a dispute gets out of hand then it can be brought up during the weekly Small Council meeting and either Sauron or the Council will settle it.

During the weekly Small Council meetings Viceroys will give let the Council know about the disputes which must be settled by the Council. They will also inform the rest of the Council on the situation within their assigned region (reported enemy activity, etc), they might also suggest military intervention or action that they think should be taken within their assigned region. It will be up to Sauron and the Witch King to decide whether military action is necessary to fend off threats or not.



Although previously Nazgûl used to serve a very different role on the server, since the birth of the Dominion anyone previously with the rank of Nazgûl has been stripped of the title. The position of Nazgûl is now reserved only as a Dominion rank.

The Nazgûl is a military position which commands a group of 2 sergeants (subject to change). Ignoring the Witch King, there can only be 8 Nazgûl serving at a time, which means there can only be 16 sergeants serving and 48 soldiers serving under the sergeants.

Since they are within the military hierarchy they get their orders from the Witch King (who gets his orders from Sauron) or from Sauron himself (or the Mouth if he is acting regent during wartime) when it concerns military matters.

They take no orders from members of the Small Council or the Mouth when he is not acting regent (or regent when not at war) when it concerns the military, otherwise they are at the behest of their superiors (Small Council and Mouth included).

Nazgûl officially wear Morgul armor and use a Morgul blade, but they are permitted to wear whatever they want when not at official ceremonies or events.


The Sergeant is a military position which commands a group of 3 soldiers (subject to change).

Since they are within the military hierarchy they get their orders from their assigned Nazgûl, from the Witch King directly, or from Sauron (or the Mouth if he is acting regent during wartime) when it concerns military matters.

They take no orders from members of the Small Council or the Mouth when he is not acting regent or regent when not at war when it concerns the military, otherwise they are at the behest of their superiors.

Sergeants officially wear Black Uruk armor and use Black Uruk weapons, but they are permitted to wear whatever they want when not at official ceremonies or events.


The Soldier is a military position which is the lowest and most basic rank within the entire Dominion. Since they are within the military hierarchy they get their orders from their assigned Sergeant, from their Sergeants Nazgûl directly, from the Witch King directly, or from Sauron (or the Mouth if he is acting regent during wartime) when it concerns military matters.

They take no orders from members of the Small Council or the Mouth when he is not acting regent (or regent when not at war) when it concerns the military, otherwise they are at the behest of their superiors.

Soldiers officially wear Mordor Orc armor and use Mordor Orc weapons, but they are permitted to wear whatever they want when not at official ceremonies or events.


A recruit is not officially part of the Dominion, it is a stepping stone rank designed to keep track of people attempting to, or who are interested in joining the Dominion.

A recruit is supplied with mordor orc armor, a basic weapon, a morgul crafting table, an orc forge, food and an Uruk-hai pike.

A recruit is handled by the Master of Recruitment and must gain 100 alignment with “Mordor” to join the Dominion, this is done so they are not attacked by orcs in Mordor. It is possible that the Master of Recruitment will help them get this alignment. After they gain 100 alignment with “Mordor” they will be assessed by the Master of Recruitment and if he deems them fit to join, he will promote them to the rank of soldier and they would officially have joined the Mordoran Dominion.


The heir is a chosen person who will succeed the current Sauron as ruler after a number of conditions are met.

The heir is chosen by Sauron alone, unless a time arises in which an heir had not been named and the current Sauron has been inactive for more than 3 months and 1 week* (or 9 months if he was on a break/vacation) in which case the Mouth of Sauron (ruling as regent) would name the heir.

The heir typically is chosen based on the individual's ideals and philosophy and how closely they align with the ideals/philosophy of the Dominion itself. The extensive and very specific list of qualities that are looked for will not be included on this page to prevent people from pretending to be similar to those qualities.

The title of heir does not come with any added authority, privileges, or power in any way shape or form. In theory a soldier could be named heir and he would still have to answer to his sergeant and to his sergeants Nazgûl all the same. The title is only a way to show who will be the next ruler when the current one abdicates or is no longer fit for the position (when they are inactive or have been gone for too long).

It is even possible to name someone heir who is not in the Dominion (although such a thing would be very taboo), like naming the leader of a separate faction the heir of the Dominion, which would end in that person leading two factions or merging the two into a larger one.

*This one week is the week that the Mouth counts before he can become regent, only after this initial week are three months counted.


The Mordoran Dominion has no official religion save perhaps Sauron cultism. Devotion is reserved for the state and for Sauron.

The Laws of the Dominion

Rules & Regulations of the Mordoran Dominion:

  1. Dominion members are to respect fellow Dominion members.
  2. Dominion members are to listen to any and all orders directed by superiors.
  3. Dominion members are expected to at least attempt to use full grammar in chats.
  4. Killing fellow Dominion members is treason and will result in punishment and potentially banishment.
  5. Do not ask for promotions.
  6. If you are demoted do not complain in the general text or voice chat, and do not complain in the official server's Discord either.
  7. Dual citizenship is not permitted within the Dominion. We require the individual to be completely devoted to the Dominion and not split that loyalty with another faction.
  8. If told to guard an allied base by a superior, do so. Dominion allies are to be respected.
  9. Disrespecting Dominion members or Dominion allies may result in punishment and potentially a demotion.
  10. Do not speak out of turn/do not speak for high ranks or others. Only speak for yourself unless your position requires you to speak for others.
  11. Resolve fights through private messages or by bringing it up to Sauron during the time he is available in the throne room of the capital to resolve disputes of Dominion members. Do not however publicly have the fight in Discord or in the in-game chat.
  12. It is the responsibility of every member of the Mordoran Dominion to make sure that our builds stay alive. Whenever there is an announcement for a server reset it is expected that every player, no matter the rank will make sure the admins know about Dominion builds so that they are not erased during resets. They may ask for coordinates which should be given. Every build should be mentioned to them (ex. "Hey guys, don't forget about Barad-dûr, Minas Morgul, Durthang, Carach Angren, Oroduin, Thaurband, [insert the all of the rest of the Dominion builds here]"). If anyone succeeds in making sure one of the Dominion builds is erased during a reset, that player is to be considered a traitor and will be banished from the Dominion. This includes Sauron himself if he intentionally does not save a build.
  13. If you see suspicious enemy soldiers in Dominion territory, either whisper it to a superior, mention it in the Dominion Discord server. or mention it in the fellowship chat in-game. Do not publicly announce it in the in-game server chat.
  14. Try to help your fellow Dominion members.
  15. Failure to follow orders or refusal to follow orders may result in a demotion or banishment.
  16. Promoting exploitation or exploiting will result in banishment from the Dominion.
  17. Creating false divisions will result in the division being branded ‘false Dominion’ and may result in the banishment of the players involved.
  18. Inactivity for over a month may result in you getting removed from the Dominion (unless you specified you would be inactive for an amount of time) or will result in demotion so another can take your position. Being inactive for over one month will also mean that the Dominion can confiscate your items for the faction if they are found within chests in a faction build.
  19. All Dominion citizens must comply with the tax laws detailed below. Failure to comply with the laws will result in appropriate punishment as deemed by the Small Council and Sauron (or the Mouth if acting regent), these may include the loss of your home provided at Barad-dûr. Repeated offences will result in removal from the Dominion.
  20. Questions will always try to be answered, contact Sauron or the Mouth of Sauron for explanations.

Banners in the Dominion

In the Mordoran Dominion there are strictly enforced rules concerning banners and who claims ownership of builds/waypoints. In the Dominion, all the banners in waypoint builds are held by Sauron, the Mouth of Sauron, and the Witch King. If a build is very large then random banners will be controlled by Sauron, others by the Mouth, and others by the Witch King. If it is a very small build which can be covered by only one banner, then there will be three banners right next to each other, each owned by one of the three positions.

This way of handling build ownership makes it impossible for a single individual to defect and bring a build with them, as they have claimed only a portion of the build itself, if they remove their own banner then they would not be able to access the build to claim it and if they remove the other peoples banners then it goes against the server rules and they can be banned. This system of banner claiming ensures that the builds are owned not by individuals, but by factions.

The way the banners are handled stems from the Dominion philosophy of order and control. If someone owns all of the banners in a build then there is no certainty that they won't ever defect and claim those builds as their own, but if they own a fraction of the build then a certainty does exist. It makes it impossible for them to run off with builds. This enforces order within the Mordoran Dominion and gives everyone a sense of security.

Work in progress builds which are being built by the Master of Construction or any of his workers are obligated to follow these rules as well. The banners at the location of which they build must be held by Sauron, the Mouth, and the Witch King, not the builders. They will of course be added to the banners so that they may build, but the banners themselves must be owned by the top three members mentioned above. New sections of the build not covered by the banners they placed will remain bannerless until they may return to place more banners there.

If at any time Sauron, the Mouth, and the Witch King are needed to claim a build, let them know by posting it in the "buildingroom" text chat in the Dominion Discord. That way all three of them know of the build which needs to be claimed and they can coordinate their efforts to claim it together.

Due to the amount of time it takes to construct a good build. The Dominion grants the builders permission to enter the build, even if they are not citizens of the Dominion any longer. This privilege is something that can be taken away if abused.

If Sauron, the Mouth, or the Witch King at any time must step down from their position and must name a new person to fill their shoes, the banners they have previously claimed in faction waypoint builds must be removed so that the new person can place their banners. For example, if the Mouth of Sauron must step down from his position for any reason, then he must go to all of the Dominion builds with his successor so he can remove all of his banners, and his successor can place theirs in the same spot. If the old Mouth for any reason refuses to remove their banners, then server admins will get involved to remove the banners themselves, Dominion law clearly states that the only people who can have banners in builds are Sauron, the Mouth, and the Witch King, anything other than that is a breach in Dominion law and grounds for admins to get involved.

If the Mouth becomes regent at any time, the banners placed by Sauron remain there until Sauron is removed from the throne due to inactivity or other reasons (see rank description for more information concerning when Sauron is removed from power).

Tax Laws

The Dominion has a dynamic tax code which changes depending on the situation of the faction. Currently there are two tax types: War-time taxes, and Peace-time taxes. The last possible day to pay taxes is the 1st of every month. Taxes should begin to be paid throughout the month or (what is most recommended) the week preceding the 1st. Taxes must be paid to the Master of Coin. If they are not available then deposit your taxes in the tax chest in Barad-dûr in a pouch that clearly states your name and that it is tax payment.

Peace-time Taxes: 50 Silver coins, 4 stacks of Mordor Rock, and 3 stacks of Cobblestone. The rock must be mined from the pit in front of Barad-dûr to assist with the building project there.

(current) War-time Taxes: 50 Silver coins, 32 Morgul Iron Ore, and 64 Durnaur.

These taxes are subject to change over time depending on the situation the Dominion is placed in. For example: 4 stacks of Mordor rock will cease to be needed after all the building projects in the "Mordor" region have been completed, so it will change to something else.

Alternative forms of paying taxes will be provided eventually only at the request of Sauron or the Mouth of Sauron. These might include draining lava pits, or assistance with building, etc.

Due to the dynamic nature of Dominion taxes, payment in advance will not be permitted (paying the following year's taxes all at once) unless an individual is given express permission by Sauron or the Mouth of Sauron. "Express permission" includes people who will be absent for several months, etc.


List of names to call people when on duty:

  • Sauron => Your Grace (when speaking to him). His Grace (when speaking about him).
  • Mouth of Sauron => Your Lordship (when speaking to him). His Lordship (when speaking about him).
  • Witch King => Your Lordship (when speaking to him). His Lordship (when speaking about him).
  • Small Council members => Councilman/woman (when speaking to them). Councilman/woman (when speaking about them).


A recruit is handled by the Master of Recruitment (most of the time). He will be in close contact with the recruits to help them along as best he can.

A recruit is supplied with mordor orc armor, a basic weapon, a morgul crafting table, an orc forge, and food.

After the recruit is set on their path they must gain +100 alignment with the in-game "Mordor" faction so that they can enter the Black Lands without getting attacked by NPCs. After they gain +100 alignment they will be assessed and promoted to the rank of Soldier as well as housed within Barad-dûr.



  • Near Harad
  • Moredain
  • Umbar
  • Dol Guldur
  • Gundabad
  • Isengard
  • Angmar
  • Dunland


  • Gondor


  • All factions not previously mentioned would fall under this category.
  • The Dominion has a non-aggression pact with the interfaction alliance in Rhûn known as the "Confederacy Of Eastern Civilizations" or "Khaganate" by some, which is renewed the 1st of every month.



The fertile region of Núrn. Known for its agriculture and slaves.


The prosperous region of 'Ithilien', home to the many forests and gardens of the Dominion.


The marshes of Ethir Anduin in southern Gondor.

Numenorean Wrath of Sauron

The storm summoned by Eru Ilúvatar approaching the island of Númenor where Sauron will display his power by attempting to resist its power.

Dismounted numenorians info

The Black Númenóreans of the Mordoran Dominion marching across Gorgoroth.

Black numenorians cavalry

Mounted Black Númenóreans in the plains of Gorgoroth.

Sauron Last Alliance

Sauron battling the 'Last Alliance of Elves and Men' before the slopes of Mount Doom.

Nazgul or Fell beast

A Nazgûl riding a fearsome Fell Beast.


The Dead Marshes is a dangerous swampland west of Mordor which is the site of the ancient ’Battle of Dagorland’ during the ’Last Alliance of Elves and Men’.

Mount Doom

Orodruin, otherwise known as Mount Doom, the location where the One Ring was created by Sauron during the Second Age.


The dangerous planes of Gorgoroth.


Emyn Muil is a rugged area surrounding Rauros. It is the reason why the river Anduin is the preferred method of travel.


Sauron overlooks his Legions.

The West:

AngmarBlue DwarvesDunlandHigh-ElvesGaldhrimHobbitsRangers of the North
Clans of the NorthmenLossedhilThe Brotherhood

The East

Durin's FolkFangornDol GuldurGondorGundabadGaladhrimThe Mordoran DominionThe Riders of Rohan
IsengardWood-ElvesWood-Men of MirkwoodThe Gladden FieldsVanwarClans of the Northmen
Dwarves of the Red MountainsKingdom Of AnduinKingdom of RhovanionThe Avari Elves

Harad and the South:

Half-TrollsThe ScourgeMoredainNear HaradNorthern TauredainSouthern Tauredain

Disbanded factions:

Fire elvesKingdom of the Golden WashKingdom of the IslesRúnandorSmaland
The Northshire Republic