The North
General Information
Government type Monarchy
Current Ruler(s) Ayra_Morningstar
Emblem None
Flag Banner of the North
Claimed Lands Taiga, Tundra, Eriador, and Forodwaith
Map of Lands None
Capital Winterfell
Allies Unknown
Population 8
Used NPCs none
The North is a culmination of factions in the Tundra, and it is led by a High King who is in one of these houses.

Rules of the North

1.- The North is meant to be ruled by a High King or High Queen, which can be overthrown by the different families of the North.

2.- To overthrow the High King or High Queen the castle of the ruling family has to be besieged and captured by family who wants to rule the North. The defenders need to be at least 2 players. Each side may have 5 hired units in total!3.- In case when the Numenor calls the North to help in battles and skirmishes, the High King/High Queen will announce peace time in the North and shall join Numenorian forces. He/She will return right after the time of need is done. Then peace time will end and fighting in the North can continue.

4.- The North shall be united as one in the eyes of all other factions, and will be represented by the High King/High Queen.

5.- There shall be a limit of 5 families at all time.

6.- As the High King/High Queen can be overthrown, the heads of the families cannot. Only the head of the family can decide if they are willing to give his/her power, title and position to his/her heir.

7.- In case a faction member wishes to start his/her own family it needs to respect the 5 families limit rule and his family proposition have to be approved by a council of the existing families heads.

8.- The families can make alliances between each other to overthrow the current High King/High Queen but only one player may sit on the throne.

9.- A family cannot call allies from another faction/non faction players/mercenaries to fight for them unless it is agreed before by a council meeting with all the families heads.

10.- The North is allied to all Numenorians.

11.- In the North castles must be at least 2K blocks from other castles. This will let us divide into family's lands but stay together as a country.

12.- In case any faction attacks one of the families castles all families shall unite to protect the North from invaders.

13.- The North members shall not attack other factions unless it is agreed by a council of all the families heads.

14.- All of the North castles shall have at least one Heart Tree in their lands this shall be a sign of who we are and what we believe. It shall also create a bond between all northern families as we believe in the same gods. (It is good to have a Heart Tree inside the Godswood - small forest, often inside the castle walls which has a Heart Tree in the centre.)

15.- There will be a limit of 4 players per house including the Head of the family. The new players who join the North shall be assigned to different families depending on which one has got the least members. Otherwise, when all families are balanced, new member can choose his family willingly.

16.- Castles cannot be taken by other families. Holds are owned by the head of the family and cannot be captured by other northmen. Hold is a property which belongs only to the family Head and only him/her can decide about its fate.

17.- All of the northern families shall welcome Numenorians inside their lands in case of need and respect those players as equals for we are descendants of them.

18.- The only people who can create laws and change them are the founders of the faction and only them.

19.- The members of the North cannot destroy/grief/burn buildings of the others. Stealing and killing is forbidden. Breaking those rules is punished by throwing out of the faction. Killing is allowed to happen only during the battles for the crown.

20.- The High King/High Queen can impose taxes if he/she wishes. All the families are obliged to pay them until the King or Queen is overthrown.

21.- The families can have their own rules and structures as long as they don't go against or interfere with the main faction rules.

22.- The official title the North players have to use is light grey "Northman" title. Dark grey version can be used by the heads of the families and black/orange version for the High King/High Queen.

23.- The North shall not kneel and shall not bow to any other faction or other King. We are on our own, we do not answer to any other King or Queen even if we have numenorian blood in our veins. We do not swear loyalty to any numenorian King or Queen. We only answer to our family heads and our High King.

24.- Please choose another name besides GOT houses names. It is enough that we have people who are comparing it. That's why the race numenorian was chosen (also because they are human which live in the north duh).

We are the North, harsh men and woman, descendants of Numenor. Our castles, our families and our lands are our treasure, gold shall not drive us, war shall not drive us, land shall not drive us. Cold and hard are our lands and so are we. We do not kneel, we do not bow, we do not conform, we do not sow!

Long live the Queens and Kings of the North! Rulers of ice and snow, rulers of cold wind and winter! Strong are our Houses, ancient and powerful! May our men never fell to outsiders, and our castles stand tall and proud until the end of the world!

And so this is our word, those are our laws. May this code lead us to glory and unite whole North as one!


Morningstar -

The current head house led by Ayra_Morningstar High Queen of the North

Rulers of the North

Sigil: Weirwood


Winters claw

Emblem of House Winters Claw

Winters Claw -

Led by Sebrom.

Warriors of the North

Sigil: Two crossed, blue, battleaxes on a blue field

Words: 'Stay and get the claws or feel the cold steel of the axe'

This House or rather clan are the most vicious and bloodthirsty house, their words are 'Stay and get the claws or feel the cold steel of the axe'. They are the most unruly and cause the most bloodshed.

Emblem of House Hardwinter

Hardwinter -

Led by Owid

Trade men of the North

Sigil: A grey tower on a white field

Words: 'Winter is Tough and so are we!'

These men of the North have many specialized tradesmen in blacksmithery, fishing, crafting, baking, and many others.

Night -

Led by Tasty Cheesecake

Builders of the North



They are the craftsmen and builders of the North. They create the great fortresses, watchtowers, and cities in the North.

Grey -

Led by BDdeuce

Guardians of the North

Sigil: Two gray wolf heads and a tree on a white field

Words: "Whether it is our brothers or our borders, neither should be crossed without caution."

This house is a group of elite rangers of the Kingdom guards the borders of the North. They reside in the great fortresses of Westhold and Southhold and watch the lands from their legendary watchtowers.

Emblem of House Grey

2016-05-16 20.21.48

Fortress of Westhold House Grey

2016-05-16 20.17.40

Fortress of Southold House Grey

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