The Peredhil (half-elven in sindarin) is a faction of Half-elves , elves and men.

There is three sections ruled by a Highprince with the archprince at the top as high ruler.

Each section is for either Half-elves, elves or men.



The Peredhil was set up on 19 of december 2015 by ElderEnt.


The government of the The Peredhil is an aristocracy, ruled by an Archprince and 2 high princes.

Archprince of The Peredhil: ElderEnt

Highprince of Elves:

Highprince of men:

The Archprince and Highprinces are assisted in ruling by a council which consists of:

PrinceLord of War:

Prince of Diplomacy:

Prince of Trade:

Under these are the Highlords, who administer over the various territories of the Peredhil.

Highlord of (insert city here):

Highlord of (insert city here):


ElderEnt, Archprince




We have yet to claim lands of our own and are simply wandering for the time being.


We do not yet have anyone cities or builds.

Recruitment Status

The Peredhil are recruiting but can not provide much as starting equipment due to the lack of resources we own.


We have not made any links with other factions yet.

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