The Shirevolk-Dunland war was a war between the Northshire Republic under James Turpin and Dunland under Evil_Mogwai. There were 2 main battles in this war.

Before the War

The Northshire Republic had a short period of stability until the end of the year 1412. At the beginning of 1413, due to diplomatic mistakes, Dunland, led by the brave Evil_Mogwai, declared war on the NsR.

Conflict Parties


  • The Northshire Republic (led by James Turpin)
  • Fangorn
  • Uruk-hai
  • Lothlorien
  • The Island Kingdom
  • Some Dwarves

Dunlending party

  • Dunland (led by Evil_Mogwai)
  • Harad
  • Durin's folk
  • Gondor



At first the main goal of the NsR was to defend their capital Oatbarton from the attacks of the Dunlendings. When Evil_Mogwai demanded that another battle should happen at Dunland and promised James Turpin to become co-ruler of Dunland together if the NsR won, the goal of the NsR changed to conquering Dunland.

Dunlending party

The first goal of the Dunlendings were to capture Oatbarton, the capital of the NsR. After Evil_Mogwai's request for another battle the aim of the Dunlending party was to protect Dunland from the NsR.


The war ended as a victory for the Dunlendings.

The siege of Oatbarton

The first battle took place at the Oatbarton wall, the Shirevolken army was vastly outnumbered, however, they had a smashing victory. The battle took place on the twenty-fifth of Rethe, later being called Victory Day in the Republic. After the battle, Evil_Mogwai paid 15000 coins to James Turpin who used an amount of it to pay for the mercenaries who fought on his side.

Conflicts in Dunland

During the battles in Dunland, Warchief Mogwai roused the spirits of many players across the server to the defense of his homeland. In the end the NsR lost the war and had to retreat from Dunland.

After the War

After the war the NsR was at the brink of collapsing. They spent too much of their power in attacking Dunland that after they lost they had many losses. This soon led to the end of the NsR.

Dunland won the war but Evil_Mogwai had grown weary of the scheming of his peers, and so took an indefinite hiatus from the server that is believed to be the end of his days. This led to the dwarves annexing Dunland who were leaderless.


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