The University of Dale

The University of Dale is a location dedicated to educating the inquiring minds of Middle Earth. It was founded by Grand Loremaster, Ridge106. There is no alignment restrictions and the location is considered to safe zone for all players to learn and teach.

Teachers and staff.

Ridge106 - Grand Loremaster and the head of the university.

MrHobbit1234 - Loremaster and helps Ridge out.

Odochi - Loremaster and has a course in history and architecture.

cancax - helps out Ridge

legoarmy505 - loremaster and teaches a course in stealth and one in diplomacy

SirWilsonGS-Teaches courses in zoology and geology

BDdeuce-Teaches courses in biology, and physiology

Want to help?

If you want to be part of UOD as a student or a teacher contact Ridge106 as they need teachers and they do not have any students yet. Also any donations for the library are appreciated.