There is now a Team Speak Server for the Official Mod Server (although it is not operated by or endorsed by Mevans or any other admins, thus dubbing it unofficial). It is being hosted by Phoenixstar117. Come join and finally speak to all your fellow soldiers and crafters (And the Kings/Queens)!

The IP is

You can get Team Speak FOR FREE from:

(and for those who do not know what Team Speak is; it is a Voice chat similar to Skype, except far more open. And instead of needing to call or join a call, it is as simple as changing to channels like a chat. It also has a text chat system, messaging, and all sorts of other communication features. So come join!)

Getting Started:

To start, download the Team Speak Client from the link above. Once installed, open it. On the top left, there is a tab called "Connections," open it and click on "Connect." In there you will see three boxes, Server Address, Nickname, and Server Password. Will out the IP above into the Server Address box. In the Nickname box, put your current Minecraft Username/IGN so that other players can identify you. There is no server password, so leave that box blank. Click "Connect."

Once you have joined the server, you should see many channels. Most of the channels are owned by a specific faction or kingdom, such as "Gondor." (If a faction is missing, please do contact Phoenixstar117 either while he is on the server itself, or through the email If you are in a faction, make sure to contact any of the admins (identified via "[Valar]" before their name) and tell them which faction you are in. They will assign you the proper title/tag. If you are a faction LEADER, contact an admin and request to be made [Lord] of your faction's channel, where you can set passwords and kick users from that channel.

Also, it is wise to go into the tab "Settings" and then "Options." A new page will open, and in there click the tab "Capture." In there you can set a key for Push-To-Talk, which will require you to HOLD DOWN a key/button on your keyboard or mouse in order to speak. This is not required, but if there are complaints of a "hot-mic", you may get kicked or banned from the Team Speak.

(Hot-Mic-ing is defined as your mic constantly transmitting the sounds of your real life world, such as a computer fan playing in the background, or children/siblings talking in the background. This causes extreme annoyance to other users in the channel and will be treated as spam.)

That's it, enjoy.


  1. Listen and obey the Admins, any offense against such will

result in a kick (if what the Admin demands is too much, stupid, or abusive; contact me via PM or

  1. AFK is kick able if the server population is over 25
  2. No excessive swearing (what excessive means is up to the Admin in the channel) -kick able
  3. No entering other faction channels unless invited to it -kick able
  4. The War Channel is for war and team battles, don't use it for anything else -kick able
  5. Respect Admins and Moderators, they're taking time out of

their lives to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable chatting experience -kick able and ban able

  1. No spam, punishable by kicking, and a ban if done twice

NOTE: Banning and Kicking is only in relation to the Team Speak server, such does not effect actual in-game status.

NOTE: If you are a faction leader, you have the right to request ownership of the channel of your faction (via channel admin powers), wherein you can change the specific faction channel settings such as Name, Password, Description, etc.. To get this power, contact Phoenixstar117 on the TS (Hes usually in his Admin Lounge).

NOTE: People of other severs who are not using it for the Official LOTR Mod Server, are discouraged from using the TS, but will not be kicked or banned for doing so (unless player count in the TS server reaches over 30, in which case they may be removed to make room for actual members of the Official server, and they must follow the rules above just as any other user).

If you have any questions, bug reports, issues: send me a PM or an email over at

Thanks, and have fun :D